Mike, Erin, and Hannah Roberts

My most used hand tools stored right above the workbench.

My most used hand tools stored right above the workbench.



Realizing my passion for art and craft, I founded the business in 2006.  I switched from a full-time career in Information Technology to full-time woodworking. My woodworking began 30 years ago as a boy helping my parents remodel an old colonial home. Over the past 20 years, I've built countless projects, refining my design and craftsmanship skills every step of the way.

In my time away from work, I enjoy traveling with Erin and Hannah, spending time with our extended family, and taking photos.  I'm an avid back country hiker and paddler, always looking forward to the next "Super Adventure" with my friends.

The Shop

Fine woodworking requires a mixture of power and hand tools.  My shop, small by some standards at 650 square feet, has the best of each.  Large European woodworking machines help me make quick work of turning rough lumber into furniture components.  My hand tools pick up where the power tools leave off, removing milling marks and cutting joinery.  Working with well-tuned tools allows me to work to a high degree of precision.

A place for everything, everything in its place. -Benjamin Franklin

My Mission

My mission is to craft furniture that makes use of the natural beauty of wood and create pieces where form follows function, where simplicity is grace, using time-honored woodworking techniques to ensure that the furniture is made to last.


The personal satisfaction you get from owning a piece of custom built furniture is difficult to describe. Pieces that we have delivered to customers have given them great pride and excitement.